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Dress My Nails with Landybridal vol.1 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….
As we all know inspiration has a great temper and you don’t  know where to find it until it finds you.

I’m pretty independent woman with enough self confidence and getting married never was on my ‘to-do’ list/and still isn’t/ which probably it’s strange according to the usual women’s life planning. As a woman like all the others around I have my crazy little moments of dreaming for a big fat white/or else color/ romantic wedding. Or just to see myself wearing long elegant extremely official dress. The wedding ritual itself is not the most important thing in those little insane moments. The dress is playing the main part. So that’s where my inspiration came from this time – wedding dresses.

For moments like this I love to make a little tours across the web looking for something unique and special. And now I can say I have my favorite place for dreaming-of-a-white-wedding tours. I’m talking for Landybridal - wedding dress and occasion dress manufacturer engaged in the wedding dress industry since 1999

The online store has an amazing variety of everything you’ve ever need for your wedding outfit – dresses, accessories and etc. 
I’ve always been mostly into classic pretty retro dresses with less decorations like lace, rhinestones or else but then I’ve seen the fantastic lace mermaid wedding dresses on the store. Is it that weird I want to try one just to see myself in wedding dress? Don’t get me wrong – I still don’t want to be involved in such things as weddings or marriage. I’m just curious about the dresses….

Landybridal  is offering cheap lace wedding dresses who are really perfect for insane cases like mine and not only for them of course. If you preparing a sweet wedding escape and want to spend less for the clothing don’t wait – the solution is here. Go and pick the perfect one for you. You can choose between different styles, fabrics, colors and decoration. 
In order to comfort us as much as possible Landybridal offers free shipping along for a limited time. It's just up to you to catch the right moment for ordering your dreaming dress. It will arrive to you safe and professionally packed.
 Used - 
Zoya Pixie dust Tomoko
Perfect Gel Look Nail Polish 526
A-England Excalibur
Born Pretty Store Pearl Rhinestone
All yours,
Red Frog


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