сряда, 16 септември 2015 г.

Back to school !!!!

  Hello, my lovelies....

  Yesterday was my daughter’s first day at 4th grade. Yey!! I can’t believe how quick she grows… That makes me a bit sad because I realize how soon my little girl won’t be so little anymore. The day was full of emotions, laughter and thoughts about the future. But best of all was the sweetest smile I’m still seeing even with my eyes closed – the smile of my grown up girl. The smile that makes my world complete.

  To make her day as happy as it's possible I've made a funny mani specially for her - 
For the most amazing kid in the universe....
My little peanut,
I love you so much! 

Used - 
acrylic paint, fine brush
Essence Nude Glam 06 Cookies&cream
Essence The Nudes  03 i'm lost in you
Essence Color&go 61 Fame Fatal - for the dots and the apple
All yours,
Red Frog

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