събота, 18 юни 2016 г.

#DressMyNails with StyleWe vol.6 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Searching for inspiration around the web is one of my most favorite activities lately. And believe or not I found it really relaxing. Beautiful things always delight me and inspire my mind. So, when I found few spare moments to enjoy new pages, blogs or stores I really feel recharged.
The claws always need something new and fresh to wear no matter their length. Phu. Grow fast, my beloved.... And these web trips bring enough inspiration for creating new outfits for my nails.
 Few days ago I've found a new place to enjoy stylish designer clothes and accessories - StyleWe. The store is full of breath-taking pieces from a great variety of independent designers. If you're as curios as I think you are go and discover designers here. It's an unique source of ideas for any occasion. As StyleWe says: 
Any style you may like, sexy, elegant, cute etc., you name it, we have it!
 I've found great things I'd love to see myself wearing and best of all - a lot to recreate on the claws.
 Look at this amazing handbags! How to resist the need to have it? Believe me it was hard to choose just two of all the bags I've liked. And I'm not that kind of woman. Bags are not my passion. But good G - I'm just a woman.... who needs more astonishing handbags like these.
 Nice ah? There's a sale at the store so you loose nothing to just take a look. And if someone decide to buy me the stunning bag in white and red I promise to be a very good girl.... Just kidding. Go and enjoy!

Used - 
Maybelline Color Show 31 Peach me - base color
for the stripes - 
China glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, 
S-he 121/303, 
Gabrini Multivitamin M110, 
Flormar Full Color FC25 Utopia Vacation, 
Flormar Full Color FC13 Squashed Raspberry

All yours,
Red Frog


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