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Secretale Care by Bell and some skittles !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
This post has been on a stand-by mode for quite a while but finally the time has come. 
The nail mail is always cheering me up and when it comes from Taota the thrill is amazing. This time it wasn't just a matter of showing some new and beautiful nail polish colors. The mail man brought a package full of tender care for the claws along with some makeup goodies. Let's see the design I've choose for this post and then we'll talk a bit about the care products by Bell Cosmetics
It's so nice to look at these photos now when the claws are still short... Sometimes no matter what you do and no matter the care products you use it just happened - one or two or more of your nails gets broken and the only thing that can be done is to shorten or even cut them all. But that's another story. Let's get back to the care products.
The beautiful little boxes in pink and white holds two bottles - Vitamin Power Nail Conditioner and Super Build-up Nail Program from the Secretale line by Bell. I've used both of them for about two months and my nails seem to get more hydrated and flexible. Here is the product description - 
Vitamin Power Nail Conditioner - nail strengthening conditioner - for thin and brittle nails. Protects against yellowing and discoloration as well as brightens and conceals the existing spots. Leaves a high gloss and natural color.
Super Build-up Nail Program - anti-breakage nail hardener - prevents breaking, cracking and splitting nails. The vitamin complex nourish and strengthen the plate. Extracts from seaweed, chestnut seeds, marine minerals and silicon stimulate nail growth. Conditioner is enriched with cocktail of natural antioxidants.
Wow! Great description and great expectations. These little bottles promise to take your nail's health to a different level. Well, my nails look and act better then before but probably it's a matter of overall health condition. I can only say using both of the products have helped. Would I recommend them? Yes. Giving the right care to your nails will always  pays well.
For this design I was inspired by the front page of Bell's catalog.

Used - 
Bell Glam Wear 433 - light violet creme with pink undertone and ultra fine silver shimmer
Bell Glam Wear 431 - baby blue creme with ultra fine silver shimmer
Bell Glam Wear 509 - sunny yellow creme
Bell Glam Wear 508 - bright orange creme with subtle shimmer
Bell Glam Wear 512 - light mint creme
A-England Excalibur - the best silver for any occasion

All yours,
Red Frog

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