петък, 8 юли 2016 г.

Abstract nail art with Born Pretty Store !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
I'm back from my vacation and the feeling is good - recharged and ready for new challenges. It's so nice to spend few relaxing days with your family especially when your mom and dad are around to make you feel the kid you used to be....  
Now when I'm back the nail art ideas are ready to get real.
My attempts in stamping got failed most of the times but I'll keep practicing and hope someday to feel a bit more confident than now. I've always felt more secure with my acrylic paints so playing with both acrylics and stamping plates is quite a thrill. Most of you probably know enough about reverse stamping but let me say few words about it. This is one of the easiest ways to create your own nail art decals using plate's pattern and adding few colors to make the design more interesting.
Few days ago I've received some new goodies from Born Pretty Store and BP-79 is one of them. The images are crisp and well defined. I've chosen the
Here you can find the stamping plate along with lots of interesting nail art stuff - 
There is a sale at the store right now so go and find your favorite nail art decorations!Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping which is a great deal when it's up to saving few bucks. You can also use a coupon code - TM2X31!
Used - 
Born Pretty Store BP-79
acrylic paint
Essence The Gel Black is back
Essence The Gel Wild White Ways

All yours,
Red Frog

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