неделя, 17 юли 2016 г.

Summer Vacation Decoration with Born Pretty Store !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's Sunday morning and there's nothing more lazy than me at the moment.... Well, probably few of you feel the same. My coffee cup is almost empty which means I have to go and add some more of the life-saving liquid in it. Just give me few minutes and we'll start.
What we have today? 
A little messy but so summer and fun nail art I've made using Born Pretty Store stamping plate BPL-022 and the reverse stamping technique to create some decals with these lovely sun glasses, umbrellas and sneakers. When I've saw them alive on the claws they just screamed - We want some sea water around! So here we go - sponge the tips with intense blue, spray some alcohol on the white and the waves are ready.
There are so many new plates at the stamping nail section and I'm sure you'll understand me if I say  - I want them all! The stamping obsession is something new for my already nail art obsessed mind but I don't even try to handle with it. I really enjoy it. It's just the way it is. So this geek patterns were one of the must haves. Who can resist them? Me? Definitely No. If you also can't here is a direct link. Just click and go -
 I've made a little trip through the store and found some really great stuff in the New Arrivals - I need those mirror powders and pigments more than anything! Seems like a new obsession is on its way home.... If you find your summer decoration at the store feel welcome to use the coupon code TM2X31 to save few bucks for a nice cold drink.
See ya, lovelies.

Used - 
Maybelline Colorama 288 - light milky grey creme to make those waves and decals stand out
Flormar Full Color FC01 Over the Alps - snow white creme for the water foam
Flormar 438 - intense blue creme for the waves
Born Pretty Store BPL-022

All yours,
Red Frog

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