вторник, 30 август 2016 г.

L´Oreal Paris Le Jewel Shaker !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Today I have something really special to show you - L'oreal Le Jewel Shaker. 
I've never been attracted to those little caviar beads because of their durability. When I've first saw this little golden bottle I've thought it's full with some delicate perfume. Don't laugh at me please.... Perfumes have never been my passion - I just like fresh clear scents and have just a few bottles at home. That doesn't mean I don't like perfumes. No, I'm capable to buy one just because I love the bottle shape. So, when this little treasure crossed my sight and when I've found it's designed for nail art.... Well, what can I say? I need to have it.
It was quite a challenge to manage with the shaker but I've ended with a  stunning result with only one attempt behind me. I put my pinkie in the bottle, close it really gentle in order to keep the base coat even and start shaking. When I get my finger out of the bottle the crystal beads were perfectly placed right over my nail plate. Just like that.
It's gorgeous, isn't it!? So sad that it's so far from long lasting nail decoration...
 Let's see some more shots, please.... I'm just too obsessed with looking at these fantastic little balls. No matter that the decoration lasts less then couple of hours I've felt really special with that kind of bling on the claws.
I've found my shaker on parfimo.bg and it took just couple of days to see it in my hands. Probably I'll go and check for something even more inspiring there... Who knows? Inspiration is everywhere. 

Used - 
L'Oreal Jewel Shaker - little ball shaped crystal gorgeousness
L'Oreal Color Riche 604 Metropolitan - smooth grey perfection
Essence The Darks 20 turn on the black - the best black with metal finish
Catrice Luxury Nudes Magical Nude - one of my latest nude passions
Born Pretty Store Pearl Rhinestone - to add some more drama

The beauty is in the small things.... most of the times.

All yours,
Red Frog 

*Product kindly sent for review. All opinions are personal.

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