сряда, 26 октомври 2016 г.

#WhenColorsCollide vol.6 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Hope your days has started well and will continue even better.
Today I have a quick overview to the latest #WhenColorsCollide be-weekly challenge. This time the theme was Black, Green, Purple and Orange and as you'll see at the group collage all the participants have done a great job. But first let me show you my entry -
The smooshy came out pretty well and because of the spooky color palette I've decided that some cute little ghosts will increase the fun factor. Claws happy!
Let's see the group collage -

Used - 
Flormar FC18 Salmon Sashimi - orange
Perfect 138 - green
Essence The Gel Nail Polish 02 Black is back - black
Golden rose Ice Chic 53 - purple
Born Pretty Store BP-L057

All yours,
Red Frog

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