неделя, 29 януари 2017 г.

Baby Blue Nails with BELL HYPOAllergenic !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Few days ago I've finally share this gorgeous baby blue creme on my IG. I'm simply impressed! Bell Hypoallergenic nail polish in shade 07 is all you can ask from a nail polish - smooth butter like texture that makes the applying easy as a game and innovative breathable formula that allows oxygen to reach free to nail plateFor this photos I've use two thin coats but I'm sure it would easy go with one single coat. And for the first time I've decided to skip the quick dry top coat. The color is a nice light shade of baby blue and will look stunning to a lighter skin tone than mine. I will definitely try it in the summer when my hands will be darker - I'm sure it will stand out amazing.
Bell Cosmetics really surprise me with the quality of their new nail polish line. I can definitely see the difference between their regular nail polishes and these from the Hypoallergenic line. I spent more than 3 days with this polish without a single tip chipped or loss of glossiness. Well, probably 3 days don't sound as something impressing but for me it's a goal - especially when there's no top coat over the polish. Now let's see this baby blue -
Sorry for the great amount of photos but it wasn't my fault - the camera just love this baby blue shade! And the new shape of the claws of course! In the next post I'll show you some nail art inspired by this blue color.... See you soon.

All yours,
Red Frog 

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