понеделник, 27 март 2017 г.

Ultra violet nails or Tropical juice by Delia !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Back in the cold winter days I've found an unknown for me beauty brand - Delia Cosmetics with fantastic color shades in their nail polish line. The nail polish junkie inside my head grab two of their polishes just to try them on. And then the magic was born! 
The first one I've tried was TJ05 - one of the most amazing vibrant shades of violet I have ever seen complimented with stunning blue shimmer that gives more depth and boldness to the color. The application was flawless. The drying time can always be redused with any of the quick dry top coats on the market. But this time I've decided to leave it without any top coat and believe me - I have no regrets! This little treasure dries extremely quick and has beautiful glossiness on its own.
Enjoy the photos and ... shine on! 
I'm totaly addicted to this subtle blue shimmer!! It's absolutely amazing! See ya next time, lovelies....

Used - 
Delia Tropical Juice TJ05
Born Pretty Store multichrome nail art studs

All yours,
Red Frog

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