понеделник, 3 април 2017 г.

Free hand and layered glitter !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's Monday and the sun is shining bright outside - probably the perfect moment for a lazy walk in the park or a late lunch with a friend... In my case the moment is perfect for a quick blog post since I'm at home for a short vacation. 
I've shared this design on Instagram few days ago and it's time to give some more info about it. The precious moments for nail art are somewhere at the end of my to-do list lately. I have tons of ideas but no time at all to give them life. Sad but true. So when I found myself able to steal half an hour for some free hand work I do it with pleasure. 
This time I've used few of my all time favorites - Zoya Chyna, Golden rose Jolly jewels 110 and Perfect S114 and a bit of black acrylic paint to create the abstract monogram inspired design. The black frame became too thick and dramatic but things will get better next time. After all it's a matter of practice and patience.... Hope you'll enjoy it....
Used - 
Zoya Pixie dust Chyna, free hand
Golden rose Jolly Jewels 110
Perfect S114
black acrylic paint

All yours,
Red Frog

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