понеделник, 6 март 2017 г.

#WhenColoursCollide vol.15 - pink and green !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
We have a brand new group collage at #WhenColoursCollide group and it's beautiful as always! The theme was green and pink with white/black stamping allowed. And after the collage is live on IG and Facebook it's time to share my entry -
 It's been a while since I've made my last water marble and I really miss the whole mess and the cleaning after it. The regular water marble failed. Yes. Failed. Why so? Too much bubbles, too much 'I don't like it', too much 'next time maybe....'. I've wanted something abstract, colorful and bold. The messy part didn't bother me at all and the answer was - sprayed marble. I've always liked the effect of the sprayed marble. Well, I would probably choose different color palette but I've said 'bold' right?... So here we go, me and the claws, bold, abstract and full of color.
Check out the group collage at Instagram and Facebook and go ahead and join the party. It's fantastic! 

Used - 
Golden rose Expert Color 19 - sweet pink creme
Golden rose Expert Color 46 - light mint green creme
Flormar FC01 Over the Alps - pure white creme
Flormar FC13 Squashed Raspberry - intense fuchsia pink creme
Golden rose Selective 57 - bright cold green creme

All yours,
Red Frog

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