понеделник, 8 май 2017 г.

Chrome and Copper with a twist !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's Monday and the new week has started slowly and lazy because of the long holiday weekend. The sun is hiding somewhere behind the clouds and the day looks like a perfect one for staying home in bed....
My good old holo Catherines have been neglected for a while and looked really sad staying there on the polish rack. So me and the claws have decided to give those beauties a chance to remind us where the holographic madness have started from. 
Sad but true - no sun around, no holo effect for my photos....
Used - 
Catherine Arley 802
Catherine Arley 806
Born Pretty Store Silver Chrome Pigment
Born Pretty Store round silver studs
black acrylic paint

All yours,
Red Frog

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