петък, 26 август 2016 г.

Smooshy Tribal Nails - free hand nail art !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
In this early Friday morning with the sun rising outside it's time to show you one of the latest claws' outfits. It's been a while since my last free hand design but believe me the next one will be live soon. I'm feeling a great inspiration lately and *fingers crossed* to keep it longer.
I've found there's an effect called smooshy nails while ago and the obsessed by nail art part of me was excited to try it on. It's a funny and easy way to pimp up your nails with something as simple as a piece of plastic bag or just using your favorite stamper. 
*Put a base color on the nail plate - I've choose light grey creme
*Quickly add few drops of different colors here and there on your nail - few different shades of grey here
*Again quickly start pressing gently the plastic bag piece or the stamper over your nail until you get satisfied with the result - I've used the first plastic bag I've saw 
*Put a layer of topcoat and you're ready!
I'm so in love with this mani.... As I've finally found the perfect white acrylic paint that is amazingly opaque and pigmented now it's time to practice, practice, practice. The shaky hands don't bother me at all. I'm sure they will stay calm and will give the most straight lines if I give them the time to improve themselves. Than the claws will be satisfied... So, my precious hands - be good - more geometric free hand work is on it's way!
Used - 
China glaze Electrify - accent pinkie
Flormar FC32 Victory of Black - for the smooshy effect
L'Oreal Color Riche 604 Metropolitan - for the smooshy effect
Maybelline Colorama 288 - base color
white acrylic paint - for the tribal pattern

All yours,
Red Frog

събота, 20 август 2016 г.

Blushed Lavender Nails !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's Saturday morning and my coffee mug is almost empty. I'm not complaining at all. It's been a while since my last lazy Saturday morning at home and I'll definitely give my best to spend it in a full relax.
I've made this mani couple of weeks ago when the claws were still pretty short. The idea was a bit different from the end result but I'll re-do it some other day... probably. I've wanted a light tender design to match it with a particular outfit. Now looking at the shots below I can only be sorry I didn't took a single photo of both the mani and the outfit. Silly frog.
Hope you'll enjoy it. 
Used - 
MoYou Artist collection #11
Essence The Gel Wild White Ways for the stamping
P2 Pool Side Party 030 Violet Summerdream - base color
Catherine Arley 515 - for the gradient

Have a great lazy weekend....

All yours,
Red Frog

четвъртък, 18 август 2016 г.

#WhenColorsCollide vol.1 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
How is your summer? Any new art ideas or interesting stories? Hope so. Also hope you are spending this hot sunny days as good as I do.
Some of you probably have already seen my last mani at my IG - @redfrogscorner but it's finally time to post it here too. It's my first design for the #whencolorscollide be-weekly challenges and this time the theme was green&blue. I've used three of the most gorgeous holographic polishes in my stash and mixed them using the dry marble technique.
Don't forget to take a look at the group collage in Instagram and Facebook.
Used -
A-England Saint George
A-England Tristam
Catherine Arley 803 

Now go and have a cold tasty drink with someone you love.... and enjoy the evening.
 All yours,
Red Frog 

вторник, 16 август 2016 г.

Orly Cupcakes and Unicorns !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Let's get back in 2012 when Orly has released their Flash Glam Effects collection. Sad but true I wasn't able to put my hands on any of the gorgeous glitters and till now I really have forgotten about them. But. When your little/or not so/ daughter is in her unicorns-for-ever phase things are getting different. It's the moment for you to find all things Unicorn that can be found. My moment is now.
After searching for all sort of stuff related to those lovely colorful fantasy horses I've found Orly's Cupcakes and Unicorns! Set-Match! Not only the kid is delighted, the mom is satisfied too. And when there are unicorn and cosmetics in one sentence - well, the better the best.
I've found our Unicorn at one of my favorite online stores for all kinds of cosmetics parfimo.bg and few breaths after - here we go! Claws are dressed in fantastic shimmery dust full of gorgeous pink glass flakes and loaded with red bar glitter. I've thought it would be nice to show it both over white and black base colors in order to see the stunning duochrome effect better. Definitely it works better on black... The application is a bit tricky because of the bar glitter particles but it layers pretty well. The polish dries pretty matte but a nice thick layer of your favorite top coat will turn it into the perfect fairy tale jewel.
Now the claws are ready for chasing the rainbow.....
Used -
Orly Cupcakes and Unicorns
Essence The Gel Black is back
Essence The Gel Wild White Ways

All yours,
Red Frog 

*Product kindly sent for review. All opinions are personal.

петък, 5 август 2016 г.

Hot tropical nail art !!!!

 Hello, my lovelies....
 It's Friday and I'm few hours away for my second vacation for this summer. So, I won't bother you with too much talking and just going to show how the claws are dressed. 
 What we have?
 I've choose some bright pink and blackest black in my stash to create a bold design to compliment the hot weather outside. Orly La Vida Loca was the perfect decision in my opinion. And when you add some white and purple to the picture everything ends perfect.
Enjoy and have fun, lovelies!
Used - 
Orly La Vida Loca
Essence The Gel Black is back
Essence The Gel Wild White Ways
Golden rose Ice Chic 52
Born Pretty Store silver studs
black acrylic paint

All yours,
Red Frog

сряда, 3 август 2016 г.

All Eyes On Me by Essence - free hand nail art !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
While ago one of my favorite brands - Essence - has released a new limited edition trend line inspired by four fantastic bloggers - Mary Oliver from Strikeapose, Diana zur Löwen from Dfashion , Palmira from beautypalmira and  Serena Verbon from Beautylab
 - Essence Blogger's Secrets. The line contains four amazing eye shadow palettes in four different color combos and of course - four little bottles full of colored gorgeousness. I just could not resist the need to take couple of the gorgeous nail polishes home with me so here we go - me and Essence Bloggers' Beauty Secrets 03 All eyes on me.
 The shade is close to nude palette with a bit of grey inside. The finish is matte. Yep, matte all the way. Well, I've choose the glossy finish for this mani but the matte one is so tenderly delicate you just want to look at it all day long. The pigmentation is good and makes the application nice and flawless. 
So, we've got everything to bring all eyes on us.

Used - 
Essence Bloggers Beauty Secrets 03 All eyes on me
Catherine Arley 802
Essence Wake up!
black acrylic paint

All yours,
Red Frog

неделя, 31 юли 2016 г.

Punk bling nails with Born Pretty Store !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Sunday is almost at its end and  preparing the next post seemed like a good idea. I have probably an hour before going out for a walk with my daughter so let me show you one of my latest designs.
I'm in a mood for mostly geometric stuff lately... no matter my ideas mostly end unfulfilled. When I've saw the little silver charms from Born Pretty Store it was a love at first sight. They seemed to be perfect combo of my favorite style elements - punk and geometry with a touch of bling of course.
 Up - indirect sun light
Bellow - no sun light
Here is a direct link to the item's page at the store - 
And it's on sale!
 It's well known for all of us but I have to say it again - Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping for all orders. You can also use a coupon code - TM2X31 - if you want to save few bucks. There are tons of nail art decoration items on sale so take your time and make your choice.
Used - 
W7 143 Silver suede, 
Essence Bloggers Beauty Secrets 04 Shine bright, 
silver transfer foil, 

All yours,
Red Frog

четвъртък, 28 юли 2016 г.

Triple stamping nail art !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's July and it's hot. I'm seeing red hot lava tones when I close my eyes... Hell, I like it. As we all know inspiration can hit you from behind even when you just have closed your eyes.
While ago I've received a sweet box with 26 finger cover molds from Born Pretty Store created to protect your skin while while you're making any kind of nail art. I can honestly describe myself as a messy artist so these pink shields became a nice bunch of friends for me.
You can find them here along with lots of other hot goodies - 
The molds are made from a nice flexible pink plastic in 10 different sizes so you're able to find the perfect one for each of your nails.
 My first thought was about doing some gradient but then my eyes have stopped at my stamping plates and the decision was made - triple stamping! The gorgeous leaves and roses come from BP-79
I've used  three of my Flormar Full Color shades in bright sunny yellow and pumpkin orange to bring this mani to life along with the white and black shades also from the same line.
Take a trip across the store and I'm sure you'll find tons of nail art stuff you'll need to try in person. The New Arrivals section  is one of my favorite....
The shipping is free and why not to use a coupon code - TM2X31!

 Used - 
Flormar Full Color FC01 Over the Alps
Flormar Full Color FC32 Victory of Black
Flormar Full Color FC47 Lemonchello
Flormar Full Color FC18 Salmon Sashimi
Flormar Full Color FC9 Gotta Get Tanned
Born Pretty Store BP-79

All yours,
Red Frog

събота, 23 юли 2016 г.

Shades of blue skittlette !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Tonight I wanna take you on a midnight walk. You, me, the sky, the stars and a stunning blue color combo I've worn while ago when the claws were still long. 
I love playing with different finishes and still staying in a specific color palette. A certain color can represent a special feeling or emotion and if you let your heart you all things are getting into their places. It's really that simple.

'' The meanings of blue are often associated with serenity, calm and spirituality. But color symbolism can be strangely contradictory and Blue is no different. Blue also brings to mind sadness and loneliness for many....''
                                                                     Color Wheel Artist

What's your blue definition? What this color brings to you? What do you want to say with the colors you choose t decorate your nail? It's up to you. 

 Just look at these deep rich shades of blue! When I was wearing this mani it was like walking with the night sky on my beloved claws.... What a heartbreaking romance for my poor soul.
Used - 
Rimmel Space Dust 005 Total Eclipse - gorgeous deep midnight blackened blue with subtle aqua particles with sand finish
Golden rose Chameleon 40 - sleek blue-green-violet multi-chrome
Gabrini Elegant 371 - fantastic aqua blue micro glitter
Essence Color 3 Midnight date - dark blue shimmer + blue tinted base full of breath-taking glass flakes
Essence 002 stamp me! black
Born Pretty Store BP-05

All yours,
Red Frog