сряда, 22 февруари 2012 г.

Day 11 - polka dots !!!!

     For today I have some neon and plummy polishes - great combo I think....Few days ago I was completely sure I'll do the dots with a couple of blue polishes but this neon pink just can't get out of my mind.I'll show it on its own but the pic is a bit older - my nails are still squared,but the color is almost real.Soooo prepare to be amazed......
    * Indoors with flash *
This is Flormar Neon #013 - stunning pink with awesome opacity and one of the fastest drying I've ever seen.Two coats are more than enough and as some people like to say: it is like butter...lol....
* Outdoors in shade *
  And here is my dotted mani:
      Hope you like it.....I'm not sure if I do lol.......
  See ya,gorgeous ladies !!!!!!

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