понеделник, 20 февруари 2012 г.

Mixed monday !!!!

                      Hello people!
            Just a quick post to begin the week.This mani is not on the challenge list but I wanted to try those polishes sooo bad....You'll see the scratches on my nails - don't ever ever polish your nails before you make your coffee,roll a smoke,get dressed and wake up your child / morning starts with lots of hugs for us lol /.
            The stars here are:
-Golden rose #163 on my pinkies - deep almost black navy blue,2 coats for full opacity
-Golden rose #136 on my ringfingers - gorgeous smoky blue with grey undertone and such a delicate shimmer,2 coats were enough
-Golden rose Magnetic #09 on my middle fingers - first attempt for me / not as well as I want it to be but..../,one or two coats - depends of your skills lol
-Golden rose Crystal color #14 on my index fingers - stunning light blue glitter,one coat is absolutely enough,but the topcoat should be more - 3 or 4 coats - this guy is sooo thirsty
-Golden rose Chameleon Effect #40 on my thumbs - beautiful blue-violet-green multichrome,2 coats again,very hard to capture with camera
            Sooo here are the pics:
   Feelin' blue....but shiny .....
  Have a great day,ladies !!!!!!

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