вторник, 6 март 2012 г.

Day 14 - flowers !!!!

                Hello hello,
       It's such a sunny day here in Sofia...I almost feel the spring coming,cute little birds are singing,the sky is so blue....And I have some pink flowers on my nails that drives me crazy - I'm so un-pink person but my little daughter loves all pink shades so I decide to make her happy with this mani.Soo let's see the flower day mani:
  First - the base colors:
On my nails - thumb:673,point finger:666,middle one:804,ring one and  pinky:677
All Catherine Arley hologrames -bottles clockwise :677,673,666,804
I just love those holo polishes...They're awesome even matte...
And now my silly flowers...sorry but I didn't expected that I would ever see that kind of flowers on my nails...again this polish depression - if holos don't make me happy what will????...Few minutes ago I got it.......One awesome polish fairy put the smile on my face - Kuki,hun,you are great!!!!!!She brought me one polish which I've been wishing for in the past 6 or more months - tam ta ra ram tam ta ra ram here comes the Circus Confetti by Essence !!!!!
  Now I'm almost satisfied - the truly satisfaction will be late this night when I see this beauty on my nails !!...Let's get back to the main thing - this flower mani.....
One close up shot just to see the gorgeous sparkles:
That's all for now.After seeing the pics I think it's not so bad but it's still much more girly than I can except lol...See ya soon with my confetti and the next challenge days !!!! Kisses,ladies :))))

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  1. Благодарско,Юле1Аз си го наричам флорален холо наивизъм:)))))