сряда, 2 май 2012 г.

Day 26 - inspired by pattern...or my BIG failure

   Good morning world !!!!
I've always tought I'm not a pink lover - this colour just doesn't fit me...till now!!Few days ago I bought one Gabrini nail polish in such a beautiful pink with a grey undertone.I saw it and it was love at first sight...Then while I was searching for this pattern inspiration I found something made for this pink shade and what do you think it was?...A shoulder tote by Blue Q...
Go and see this lovely blog:

And now let's see what a mess I've made on my nails....
The base colour - look what a gorgeous colour - an absolute cream polish,two coats are more than enough,the gloss finish is amazing....this beauty goes straight to my favorites list.
As you can see my free hand art is awful this time.
Be merciful....
See ya..

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