петък, 2 януари 2015 г.

Let's Get It Started - the New 2015 !!!!

Happy New Year,my lovelies...
I'm sure we've all had a great holidays with tons of special moments,sparkling smiles and glistening nails:)I hope this year to be better for all of us....
Because this is my first post for the year let's keep it as it should be.
 First of all let me show you my New Eve's nails - 
 Zoya Tomoko & Orkide 648 light nude creme
    Most of us start the new year promising different things to themselves.I thought it would be fun and interesting to do the same.But before all the vows there is an introduction...
Just few days before Christmas I've received a very special surprise and please believe me it was on my Wishing list for Christmas...No kidding,guys.There is someone out there who knows what a girl like me dreams of...Thank you.The kid inside me was thrilled and excited.The woman was in heaven - because of the kind gesture,because of the devine scent of red grapes and juicy kiwi coming from the package inside and just because I'm a human and I love surprises.
Let's see what was inside the package - 
Cuticle Oil  
Hands and Body Cream
Limited edition chocolate with hand painted wrap and delightful milky taste 
 I thought this is a sign.My hands were in an awful condition in the last few months - the risks of the working place...It was a matter of self respect to give them the needed attention and care.And the 'promise' list was started.
* I promise to give my hands and nails the best care and to love them more...if it's possible to 
* I promise to be a better writing-painting person
* I promise to be more active here at the blog
* I promise to show you more interesting designs and polishes
* I promise to keep my promises.
So let's get it started,lovelies...
2015 - welcome!
All yours,
Red Frog

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  1. I love your nails, they are so gorgeous :)
    lets follow eachother! Following you now, hope you will follow back :)

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

  2. Your mani is rocking!!! Love that nude creme - and the texture polish really sets it off nicely. Gives it an edge. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

  3. Gorgeous nails! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!


  4. Научих нещо ново. Беше полезно инфото. Благодаря за информацията!