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Nude to Be Black with China Glaze,Flormar and Isabella Dupont !!!!

Hello,my lovelies.....
Today I'm going to show you one of my favorite color combinations - black,nude and gold.No matter of all the new fashion trends black is black.There's no new black for me.Black is timeless,classic and suits perfect to all skin tones,all outfits,all nail shapes.And if you put some gold on it,well - you can do no wrong.
This mani came up very edgy and eye-catching.I really like how the different finishes look together.Probably someone will ask what are the metalic circles made of?Well,let me tell you,lovelies.I have a pair of jeans decorated with a bunch of these circles in three or four sizes.Sad or not I've found few of them on the floor at home and noticed they're not sealed very good to the fabric of my jeans....And when I've found how easy they can be curved to fit my nail's natural curve,the flash was there!These beauties were made to decorate my nails!!!
So here we are.Enjoy my Nude to be Black mani.
Used - 
Isabelle Dupont N53 - I've used it a lot in the past year,my bottle is almost empty and it's very sad because I'm not sure if I can find it again.This nude beauty is on one of the first places of my all time favorites list.Hope to find a replacement soon....
Flormar 313 Black Minimalism - love the name,just perfect for the black liquid inside the bottle
China Glaze Bump in the Night - the blackest black sand finish polish,adore it.
circle metalic decorations from my jeans...sorry,jeans...
All yours,
Red Frog

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