петък, 27 юли 2012 г.

Red challenge - rrrrrred-able !!!!

Hello sweet peas,
It's Red challenge time - ombre rouge - the red ombre......
The red is not enough these days.It's obvious for me that my eyes are looking mostly at greens and blues this summer and I feel a bit sad.The reason maybe is this Red challenge.I feel obligated to wear red at least once a week and perhaps that's why other colours became more attractive....who knows...I should make one red shopping therapy to calm down the hunger for red.
For this challenge day I've choosed some warm and sunny colours - from pastel light yellow to bright raspberry red,that's right - we've got yellow to red ombre today....or red to yellow.....as you,my ladies,like it more..:)))
Now let's see rhose sunny guys - 
Catherine Arley 703 - light yellow,a bit sheer but so tender and summer colour,2 or 3 coats - depends of your skills,my case - 3 :)
Essence Colour&go Sundancer 23 - rich,deep yellow,2 coats - enough
Essence Colour&go Wake up! 46 - lovely pumpkin orange
Catherine Arley 930 - jelly in an interesting tomato red shade with some orange in it
Catherine Arley 511 - jelly cream in gorgeous raspberry red,bright and juicy if I can say so,2 coats 
And of course Mr.Nice guy - Posh Speed dry top coat - love you,hunny !!
 I love this ombre!!!It's so sunny and bright!!!Hope you,ladies,like it too....

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