понеделник, 24 септември 2012 г.

Dare to love ?...

Ten songs...Ten artists...Ten voices beyond heaven...Ten times 'I love ya'...Ten chances to say it loud...Ten inspirations for the brave ones...Do you dare to do it 10 times in a row?...
These are 10 of my favorite love songs.I'll try to recreate them on my nails in the next ten weeks.
Hope you all enjoy this little new challenge...
Everyone is welcome to join with his love songs...
We all have at least one song that reminds us something close to the heart,right?.... 
So ... do you dare to love ... your nails ?
Start - September 29th

4 коментара:

  1. Аз само да си спомена песничка - Kiss me на Sixpence non the richer :) Ама хич не ме бива в ноктите :D

    Ще чакам с нетърпение интерпретациите ти!

    1. И на мен ми е много любима..едва ги удържах до 10:)))

  2. I need to try this when i have some spare time what a great concept!

    1. That will be great!!If you try any of the songs for inspiration pls send me pics to post them along with mine:))