понеделник, 29 октомври 2012 г.

Eyes wide open !!!!

My little princess loves Halloween - all the pumpkins,scary outfits,strange creatures and etc.It was surprise for me that she doesn't want to dress up like a princess...She wants to be a witch - with all witchy stuff - the black hat,the broom,the evil laugh and if it's possible - with the black cat on her shoulder.So because we already have a black dog at home I totally refused to take her this every-witch-has-one accessory.And then came the pouty face...
She : Mom,I want to have a cat!!!!!!
Me : ........../no comment/
She : Mom?
Me : What?
She : I want a cat!
Me : No.
She : Why not?
Me : 'Cause we have a dog.
She : But Nera loves cats.When she was a baby dog she used to live with one.
Me : When she was a baby dog she didn't know that's how cats look like.Now she's a granny dog and knows how cats look like....And believe me,sweetie,she doesn't like them at all.Especially alive.
She : ........./eyes wide open,no more questions./
Used:China glaze Riveting,Moda matte black,Impala mini 9,acrylic paint

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  1. Хаха обожавам да ти чета писанията :))) А маникюра е жесток! Само липсва Нера да наднича от другия ъгъл на нокътя ти :)))))