понеделник, 10 декември 2012 г.

All about you,Ivanka !!!!

Women are like fingerprints - there are no duplicates.Each one is unique.No matter how hard they try to copy someone else's personality and outfit there's always a difference - the look,the smile or the pinky of the left leg...And that's how it's suppose to be,no copy-cats,no echos.If you feel and accept your own uniqueness everyone will feel and accept it.Individuality is your one and only protection from being  just part of the crowd.
I have my own crowd inside me - the good,the bad,the mother,the friend,the sister,the daughter ... I don't need more ... Even these are too many.
One for all and all for Ivanka:Tokidoki SANDy from the lovely Beauty Ninja,Zoya Ivanka,Sinful Colors All about you,Gabrini black cream

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