събота, 22 декември 2012 г.

The 'Dare' album !!!!

I've done it...Challenge finished.It was a great fun to listen to these songs over and over again so to be able to feel them and than recreate them into nail art.Now after all the work is done I just can't stop thinking of  what mani goes with the song I'm listening at the moment.I hope you,guys,had enjoyed both the music and the manis as much as I do.I'm working over a new challenge for the new year.Also I think about reviewing other blogs once a month so don't be shy if you like the idea to be my guest - email me,pm' me on facebook,leave a comment or send me a messenger pigeon...Now let's see the results of this challenge...
I dare...vol.1
I dare...vol.2
I dare...vol.3
I dare...vol.4
I dare...vol.5
I dare...vol.6
I dare...vol.7
I dare...vol.8
I dare...vol.9
I dare...vol.10
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