сряда, 6 март 2013 г.

Pop Art Kisses with China Glaze Electrify,Pastel 32,Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine and Essence Fame Fatal !!

I need colors!Lots of colors!Need them now cause had enough of this winter melancholy.Want to scream with every single part of me - Come on,world,put some color on you!!
I'm in a mood for doing crazy things...Dyeing my hair blue?...Why not?Oh,yey,I still love my red..So no blue until the late 60's maybe...To make a new tattoo?...Why not?Ok,have enough space on my body but don't have extra cash in my wallet...Buying grass green shoes?...Definitely!Just have to find the  perfect green....
So what has happened?..Just paint my nails with more eye-catching colors...hm...not that bad,ah?These guys on my nails stand out very well I think.As well as my bright red hair under direct sunlight...I just love them both....
How about you,lovelies?Yey or nay?
China Glaze Electrify,Pastel 32,Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine,Essence Fame Fatal

4 коментара:

  1. Oh my goodness! This is beautiful! And it looks awesome with your hair! :)

  2. Върховно ! Винаги с кеф отварям публикациите ти !

    1. Много мило,благодаря ти и се радвам,че ти харесва:)))