неделя, 24 март 2013 г.

Who's that pink..with Bell 433 and CA 666/677 !!!

Bought long time ago.Used maybe once.Deserves more for sure.
Bell 433.
Color - light pink with marvelous subtle violet undertone
Opacity - full in only 2 coats
Finish - something like ice cream....not a real creme...not a real shimmer...something divine.Sadly the sun was already set when I took the shots and the camera was kind of angry at me...
Drying time - who knows?I've used fast dry top coat as always lol
My opinion - should wear it often
The Catherine girls - 666 and 677 - amazing as always these holos are so feminine and tender.This time in three coats...don't know why....but the result is gorgeous..

 The girls - Bell 433,Catherine Arley 666 and 677

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