вторник, 22 октомври 2013 г.

Skull on the cake with Golden rose Carnival 05 !!!!

Good morning,lovelies...
In this dark early morning I have something bright and colorful for you.You know how I like skittles on my nails right?This time I made my skittles in blue and green and each nail is different - that's how it's have to be....
What we have - glitter,roses,cake and skull....and green..and blue...and green over the blue....
The special part in this mani is my new treasure - Golden rose Carnival Nail color 05.
Golden rose brand have released two amazing collection lately - Carnival Nail Color and 3D Glaze Top Coat.I promise to do a special post for both of them.
So now let's give our attention to Carnival 05 - pure clear base full of green matte particles in different sizes and shapes...yes,lovelies,green in one of its most amazing shades....As you can see there are sticks,small circles and the best of all - big gorgeous circles.I've always wanted to see that kind of glitter on my nails and when I saw it in green it was....what?...it was love.And the idea for this mani came at the same moment..Carnival guy is a true inspiration....
I'm very happy with the final result...Everything is completed and even and I hope you like it as much as I do....
Used -
Golden rose Carnival Nail color 05
China Glaze Dorothy Who?
Essence Color&go Lime up 39
Flormar 438
acrylic paints and fine brush

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