събота, 19 октомври 2013 г.

Web inspiration - Angelic rose.... ft.Isabelle Dupont N53 !!!!

Good evening,lovelies...
Tonight's Web Inspiration came at the right moment I think.Halloween is getting closer with all the wicked costumes and makeup we could ever imagine.Our addicted to all nails stuff universe is already full of amazing designs dedicated to this day of the year.
I've found my inspiration at Angelic Rose page - 
Very simple and outstanding design ah?Just gorgeous...I love how few brush strokes can turn acrylics into something cool.When I've finished with the scratches on my right hand the little devil with the great ideas jumped on my shoulder and screamed in my ear - Give it some blood,woman!!!Halloween is coming!! - so why not I thought.And here we go - bloody scratches around my super dry cuticles....Take a deep breath and enjoy....And don't foget to take a look at Angelic rose page - they are lots of interesting and inspirational thing to impress you there....
And here is my first attempt for this Halloween  -

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