събота, 30 ноември 2013 г.

Catch the Sun with Golden rose Carnival 12 !!!!

Hello,my lovelies...
I did it!!I cought some sunlight!!!And I cought it at the right moment for the right polish.
As you may know Golden Rose has released a new collection while ago - Carnival Nail Color.As one of my most favorite brands Golden rose made me happy again with this collection.It's hard to choose only one but we should be strong right?
So my 'strong' heart made its choice and here we go - number 12.
What we have in this gorgeous little bottle?
It's full of awesome hex matte particles in bright coral red,marvellous teal glitter ones,stunning black hex glitters in two sizes and for more spicy effect - little white bar glitters.And all these guys are dancing in a clear base which makes theis polish perfect for layering or why not and for glitter sandwiches.....Mmmmm,yammy.The brush is great - big,flat and easy to work with.The drying time....well,we all know - get yourself a good quick dry topcoat and all your problems won't stay longer.Applying is a little catchy but who cares?Look at that glitter bomb and you'll forget if it was snookered or not.
Now watch and enjoy!
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