понеделник, 7 април 2014 г.

Mix the Spring with Julep Rose !!!!

Good morning,sunshine lovelies....
How was the weekend?Too sleepy for me because of the rain maybe...Too lazy because of the...hm,no reason for the laziness I guess.Last night I've kicked my as** in front of the polish rack and took my 'who's the right one this time' moment.And believe it or not this time it was really a moment...Wow.I just have to look right infront of me and I've saw it.A little lovely bottle stands on the rack for a very long time waiting patiently to see me in the right mood.And the mood is here.I'm here for Julep Rose.
About  the design - I wanted it to be bright,colorful and girly.I wanted to feel the spring in it.These sweet colors made it just right.
Used - 
Julep Rose
Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 113
Perfect Gel Look Nail Polish 526
Catherine Arley
acrylic paint
You can found more about Julep's colors here.

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  1. very pretty colors :)
    I've never had so long nails...

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