петък, 18 юли 2014 г.

Meet Manhattan - Lil' Ol' Rose and Glitter For Life !!!!

Hello,my lovelies....
Long time no post....No excuses this time.Just a big 'Sorry' for being such a no-posting-lazy-empty-of-ideas person.Period.
What I have for you today?
Manhattan is here at the blog again with two gorgeous polishes - Lotus Effect in Lil' Ol' Rose shade and Sugar Effect in Glitter For Life.Both the beauties are close to some shades in my collection but there are still differences.
Manhattan Sugar Effect 1 Glitter For Life 
Lovely little bottle,amazing wide brush,superb drying time and best of all - sugar effect.Two coats full of copper,gold,pink and brown rays of light.Glitter For Life is really for life.If you still haven't got the chance to see Kiko Sugar Mat 645 in person this Manhattan treasure will make you forget all about Kiko - GFL and 645 are pretty identical.
Manhattan Lotus Effect 09 Lil' Ol' Rose
What a fantastic name for this romantic dusty pink .... Lil' Ol' Rose is a silky soft creme as smooth as all the other polishes I have from Manhattan Lotus Effect collection.It dries a bit matte but a coat of Seche Vite over and  it's a stunner.
I couldn't resist the need to do some art.
Used -
Sally Hansen Lava 

*Sent for a honest review from Taota Ltd.

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