събота, 6 декември 2014 г.

Draft Series:Catch the sunlight with China Glaze,Golden Rose and Desert Rose!!

It's cold.It's rainy.It's just awful.I hate the weather outside.Maybe I'm not a winter type of person.I need the sun.Desperately need it.Just let me bring some warmth and sunlight in this cold December night.The mani is from the last days of the summer and it's a typical mix of my favorite colors and my favorite roses.
So the next post from the 'draft box' series is here.
Used - 
China Glaze Red Satin
Zoya Maria Luisa
Desert Rose 62
Golden rose Jolly Jewels 117
acrylic paints and fine brush
Enjoy your weekend...the light is not only outside - you can find it inside yourself  too....
                                                                                 All yours,
                                                                                           Red Frog

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