сряда, 10 декември 2014 г.

Happy Christmas Cookies with Golden Rose !!!!

Hello,my lovelies....
Please excuse the quality of the photos.These days are really foggy and there's really no good sun light around.Too sad for my camera or too sad for me....I hope you can look beyond this blurriness and enjoy my happy Christmas cookies.
When I start mixing my acrylics I've found my brown was gone for good.And when you paint your nails around midnight your decisions are not as clear and reasonable as they should be.I thought it would be ok if I mix one of my reds with some black and lots of white.Sounds reasonable?Well,the color looked nice at first but when I saw it at the morning I've realised my recipe was wrong at all levels.Really sad for the cookies's dough.As you can see my cookies became kind of burned out...But the glaze is really glossy and looks even delicious...maybe.
 So,when you start preparing to make your Christmas cookies be sure you have all the right ingredients - the result would be more delightful believe me.
For my cookies - 
Golden rose Jolly jewels 121
Golden rose Expert color 56
acrylic paint and fine brush
All yours,
Not-the Master of the Christmas cookies - Red Frog

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