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A Malachite Treasure with BornPrettyStore and Manhattan !!!!

Hello,my lovelies...
Not so long ago I've received a very special package from Luchessa - the gorgeous lady behind Beauty Expression by Luchessa.I was so exited because this package was my prize for entering Luchessa's nail art contest dedicated to Manhattan's 50th anniversary.And what do you think was in there?Two amazing Manhattan polishes from their last limited edition collecton specially made for the ocassion - Birthday Colors,along with a super cute surprize from Luchessa - some lovely butterfly nail stickers/coming soon on the blog/.Today I'll show you the first one of the polishes - Happy Anniversary - deep forest green with strong blue undertone,filled with tons of golden particles and black hex glitters.It's one of the most magnificient polishes in my collection.I'm really sad because the photos can't get even close to showing its beauty.It's like my nails are made of malachite.
 To compliment the color I've decided to add some more costliness here.And what's better than gold?More gold.The round flat back studs I've got from BornPrettyStore were the perfect mate for my gorgeous Manhattan.They are extremely easy way to add some extra ritz and glitz to your mani.Made from acrylic UV gel these studs are super easy to be placed on the nails with just a drop of top coat instead of using any kind of nail glue.I've just put some top coat and wore them about 4 or 5 days.There was no missing stud when I've decided to change my polish.
 Now let's see my Malachite Treasure -
Click on the link to find your box of silver and gold round treasures-
There is also a giant Christmas sale at BornPrettyStore so just take a look...you may find some interesting nail stuff there..Don't forget to use 10% off coupon code - TM2X31

Used - 
Manhattan Birthday Colors Happy Anniversary
golden transfer foil
golden round flat back acrylic UV gel nail art decoration
All yours,
Red Frog with malachite nails

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