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Meet Zornitsa with SNB Professional !!!!

Hello,my lovelies….

Few days before Christmas I want to share a piece of gorgeousness with you.The most exiting part is that the little treasure has been made here in Bulgaria.If this doesn’t make me feel proud I really don’t know what will…

Let me introduce you to Zornitsa.
While ago I’ve had the pleasure to visit SNB’s office here in Sofia and to meet Zornitsa…Well,to say it right,to meet both Zornitsas…Ha-ha,don’t look so amazed – they are really two and I’ve had the chance to take one of them home with me.As you can see I’ve took the one in the lovely shaped bottle.Zornitsa – the PR manager of Star Nails Bulgaria gave me just a smile when I’ve asked her if the polish is named on her.For the hour we’ve spent together Zornitsa has showed me tons of interesting products and told me extremely interesting facts about them and about the brand itself.Star Nails Bulgaria is the only cosmetic brand that gives Bulgarian native male and female names to its polishes.That’s so impressive!!And just because I can’t keep my mouth shut – you,my lovelies,soon will be able to see Maria/yes,there is Maria polish yayyy/,Petar and Kamen on your Red Frog’s nails.

I also was really impressed of the hand skin care products – I should definitely give more care to my cuticles and now I know what products I would love to try.Thinking about all the amazing scents and textures I’ve tried on my hands and nails makes me scream for more.The idea about softening cuticle therapy is something from the ‘must-have-to-do-it’ list for the upcoming year.

Taking a look back I can only be sorry my camera wasn’t there with me.But I hope there will be a next time…

Now let’s meet Zornitsa – the Polish.
 Zornitsa has been released few months ago and it’s one of the newest products of SNB brand.It’s a bottle full of stars and don’t make the mistake to think it’s just a gorgeous glitter top coat.No.This polish is unbelievably buildable in just two flawless coats.Just don’t forget to put some base before.The mix of golden glitter particles in various sizes turns my nails into little treasures.This baby makes me want ten nails more just to be able to enjoy it more and more.It’s a real pleasure to work with Zornitsa – comfortable wide brush,delightful application,pretty good drying time and best of all – the final bling.Oh,the bling is something you should see in person,my lovelies.Believe me,photos can’t give the right impression…

I’ve had no doubt what color will compliment Zornitsa in the best possible way.The mutted burgundy red of the Mulled Wine by Alexandra gives the depth I've wanted to see on my nails.As you can see Zornitsa can easily be used to create any kind of decoration - for the abstract wave design here I've used only a Big drop of the polish and a tooth pick.
 This mani gives me such a festive feeling...Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do,my lovelies.

*Allphotos,opinions and mistakes are mine.Some of the products are press samples.

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