неделя, 15 февруари 2015 г.

Coffee shades with SNB !!!!

Hello, my lovelies...
As most of the people on this planet I love drinking coffee - strong and black, no cream, no sugar. Black. Well, it I know can't be really black but you know what I'm talking about. It's about the specific deep seductive brown color only coffee has. And guess what - while  ago I've found it .... or He found me. I'm saying 'He' cause my coffee colored polish has a male name. We've found each other at Star Nails Bulgaria. Love at first sight, what else can I say? He is Petar - deep, smooth and strong like hot, black coffee /you can almost feel the taste in your mouth/. And  he's so handsome  I just couldn't resist the need to take him home with me ....
But that's not all. At all .... Then I've found something different, something mysterious and new .... I've found the need of trying things different. I've found the need to even try a different type of coffee - I've wanted it lighter, milder even delicate. Why so? I've found Kamen.
'This color reminds us of the rocky shore when the day gives way to the proud moon!' - Star Nails Bulgaria
Both the guys are marvelous - great behavior on nails, fast dry reactions, impressive presence. And what a single lady sould have / or not / to do with those two men? She can try to play with them ....Or not. Or she can just enjoy her cup of coffee in their amazing company.
I've needed to make the mani more tender. I've wanted more softened look. The matte finish did it more than perfect.
Hope you'll enjoy my coffee shades with these two gorgeous polishes. Which one you like more?
All yours,
Red Frog
P.S. This wasn't my first attempt with Petar and Kamen and the coffee theme. A month ago we've had our very first cup of coffee. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take my pictures at the right time. The three awful shots bellow were made at the 5th day of wearing the first 'Coffee Shades' mani. I've made them in the middle of one terrible working day and it's obvious in what desperate need of better care my hands were at this moment. It's easy to make the difference.

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