петък, 13 февруари 2015 г.

It's Naturally with Nicole by OPI and Rimmel !!!!

Hello, my lovelies...
In the last post I've told you about my Valentine's problem - my lack of inspiration. Again. Head - empty. Ideas - missing. I've been looking for something to evoke my mind and .... nothing. Not even a single thought. So I've decided - couple of colors, couple of paints, few brushes, a stamping plate and it cames. The idea - no. Just the image. It cames naturally. Like love does. Sometimes love comes surprisingly. If you stop looking so damn hard you'll find it. Or at least it will find You. Everything should comes naturally.
 And here is a really easy and simple idea for Valentine's last minute mani - nude, pink and magenta. It's up to you to choose your base color. Than it takes a few minutes to make some brush strokes for more eye-catching look. Mr.Seche Vite will do the rest.
Used - 
*Rimmel London Rita Ora 513 Let's get nude!
*Rimmel London  I love fruties 066 Cranberry zest
*Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez collection Naturally
*for the stamping - BP-10
*acrylic paints and fine brush

Now go and find your Valentine! Grab it, hug it, taste it, kiss it.
It's Naturally ...
All yours,
Red Frog

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