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The Nudes are Dipped in Silver with Essence !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
Back in the non-polish-addicted days when there were just a bunch bottles of polish on the shelf .... I was a huge fan of all dark shades and ain't got no nude ones around. But than the obsession has started. I've noticed there are so many marvellous colors closed in little bottles .... And I've wanted them all. In the last few months I'm searching for my perfect nude and it's tough. To find a nude polish for my yellow-ish skin tone is not that easy. When I've heard about Essence's new limited editions - I Love Nudes - I was thrilled. Maybe, just maybe The One is coming. So now it's nude time! The Nudes have finally arrived! 
It wasn't easy to pick just two of them. To be honest I'm thinking about geeting back at the store for the rest of the collection. 
Let me introduce you to 'I'm Lost In You' and 'Pure Soul'.
I'm Lost In You - smooth creme finish, light terracotta shade, perfect for a bit warmer skin tones, great application, acceptable drying time, two coats. Really, really close to the perfection.
Pure Soul - light pink-ish ivory, very delicate and feminine, perfect for a french type mani, a bit tricky application but still buildable for such a light shade, stunning pink subtle shimmer visible mostly in the bottle, a great base for nail art, three thin coats. Pure treasure for my collection.
After all I'm still searching. But I'm sure Mr.Perfect-Nude is a bit closer than before. 
I've wore the Nudes for a day in their pure clear gorgeousness and then I've decided to play a bit with my stamping plates.The silver metalic ending of today's mani is A-England Excalibur. Hope you like it, my lovelies .... I just love it.
Used - 
Essence The Nudes  03 i'm lost in you
Essence The Nudes 05 pure soul
A-England Excalibur - for the stamping
OPI Pirouette my whistle
Born Pretty Store BP-05
How to not love the Nudes?
All yours,
Red Frog

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