вторник, 31 март 2015 г.

D for Dracula !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
Week ago I've decided to enter to MoYou London's nail art Bookworm Contest. And why not? Two of my favorite things getting together - books and nail art. I've choose Dracula by Bram Stoker for an inspiration - 
It seemed like the perfect one among all nine books MoYou have listed. But there was a catch ... the contest was running at Instagram. Where is the catch you will ask? Well, my lovelies, your Red Frog don't have an Instagram account. Sorry, didn't have - for the time when the contest has started. So Red Frog took her daughter's notepad and run straight to Instagram. And here we are - @redfrogscorner is alive! My account was there, my polishes too, I've choose the book. The next step was to paint my nails and to upload my photo. And here we go - D for Dracula.
Used -
Gabrini Multivitamin 336
Gabrini Multivitamin 330
arylic paints,fine brush
All yours,
Red Blooded Frog

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