четвъртък, 19 март 2015 г.

Meet Manhattan:Purple Rain !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
I'm so excited!!! Forgive the big amount of photos in this post but I just LOVE how they turn out. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do. Now let's see what we have today .... Where is your umbrella? Purple rain is coming ....
Manhattan Collection Purple Rain - dark, seductive purple gorgeousness closed in just 7ml bottle of polish. You can see the extreme fine silver dust dancing in the bottle right? It gives the color unique depth and richness. I was almost sure Prince will jump out of the bottle when I open it.

Stunning ah?
The color is more on the wintery side of my palette but the vampy look it gives to my nails is so irresistible. Purple rain's formula is great - smooth, opaque and very easy to work with. Drying time is amazing - you need to work fast with the brush. I've put topcoat just because I always do. Well, maybe some more glossiness is always better. All the photos show two coats with a topcoat.
I've played a bit with some water and alcohol to create the marbled effect. It's always such a fun to make the well known water-marble mess. Manhattan polishes give a whole universe of possibilities for matching colors and finishes. 
Find more at www.taota.com
All yours,
Red to Purple Frog
*Products sent for honest review. All opinions are mine.

3 коментара:

  1. Since when do Manhattan polishes have names? I'm pleasantly surprise, I haven't really paid attention to them in a while ;) Love this one!

    xoxo, Nyx
    ( http://nyxsbeautyblog.blogspot.com/ )

    1. I was surprised too when I got the first one with own name !!! Their latest collections definitely deserve attention:)

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