събота, 21 март 2015 г.

St.Patrick's Day for #NAILlinkup !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
Spring is officially here - it's March 21st! You can feel it in the air - that winter smoky smell outside is gone for good ... till next winter. The little marks of the spring are visible. Yesterday I've noticed some little tender green buds on the tree's twigs. Yey, new leaves are ready to show up. It's a matter of days to see how the newborn grass and the little flowers are springing up. Happy Red Frog.
#NAILlinkup is knocking on my door with the next theme - St.Patrick's Day. It's not one of my native holidays but I thought it would be a great fun to make something green and fresh to give myslef a bit more luck .... I really need more luck, believe me. So here I am with my St. Paddy's nail art -
Used - 
China Glaze But of corpse
Perfect Gel Look Nail Polish 526
Catherine Arley 803
acrilyc paints,fine brush
All yours,
Red Lucky Frog

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