сряда, 11 март 2015 г.

Meet Manhattan:Summer Tunes and Pink Opening !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
Still winter here. Still cold and snowy. Still thinking where is the spring? Why she's not here already?
In the past dull and freezing days I've found I feel better if I wear more bright and light colors. My mind is a very bizzare place I know....
So here are the newest citizens of my polish rack - Pink Opening and Summer Tunes from the latest Manhattan Collection.
Pink Opening - very very bright almost neon shade of pinky-sh coral. Suits great to all skin tones. You can find a hint of orange in it but it just makes the color more vibrant. Nothing special as a shade but me like it a lot.
Summer Tunes - great shade for teal/blue/green lovers. Extremely creamy polish BUT also stains nails extremely intensive. Even my two coats of base didn't help a lot. Sad. Sad. I hate seeing my nails in such a zombie shades when I took of my polish .... On the other hand I really love the color, the application and etc. but this stains just kill me.
No matter all I do enjoy playing with these two Manhattan babies. Both are finding a warm welcomimg on my polish rack and will definitely take part in my future nail art plans.
Now let take a look at some more photos.
You can find some more magnificient shades on 
All yours,
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