петък, 13 март 2015 г.

Draft Series:Africa !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
Seems like this is one of those Friday nights .... Just me, my bed, my soft warm blanket and the biggest cup of coffee I'd be able to drink without becoming an insomniac. Ugh. Sad story. Ok, the big black wet nose - my dog of course - is also here. Sorry, old girl, I didn't meant to ignore your presence. 
So why not to drink this huge cup of coffee with you, lovelies? Cheers and enjoy tonight's DraftSeries post - it's time for some warm colors in african style. I really loved how this mani turned out. Probably will give the design a second try just to see how it will look on my stilettos.
Used -
P2 Pool Side Party 020 Turquoise Sky
Essence Made with love 01 In love
Radiant Professional 152
Ashanti Butterfly Collection 78
acrylic paint,fine brush
All yours,
Red Frog from Draftland

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