понеделник, 8 юни 2015 г.

Draft Series: Pastel Japanese Patterns !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
In this early Monday morning I have a fresh and really summer mani from the Draft Series to show you. I'm in some kind of a pastel mod lately and when I've found this one waiting patiently in my draft box I've tought it will be a nice begining of the week.
Golden rose Rich Color have an amazing variety of creme shades - lights, darks, neutrals and so. If I have to make a re-do of this mani I would definitely use both Golden Rose shades just to make it complete.... for myself only. We all have our own type of insanity right?
I'm sending you, my lovelies, a bit of my own craziness and hope you'll enjoy it.
Used -
Gabrini Multivitamin 307
Golden rose Rich Color 70
acrylic paints, fine brush
All yours,
Red Frog

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