вторник, 9 юни 2015 г.

Dress My Nails vol.1/1

Hello, my lovelies….
Today’s post is a special one – I'm starting a brand new series  called ‘Dress my Nails'.
All the posts that I’ll include to the series will be inspired by different clothes, fabric patterns and style accessories. Why so? Because I think it’s time for me to start upgrading my personal style with some more feminine/no, I won’t say ‘girly’/ outfits. Why not to wearing dresses? It’s not so scary, right?..  Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to put a pair of high heels in my wardrobe who knows.
So, when I’ve received a cooperation proposal from Dresslink I thought: ‘Why not?’ Maybe it’s just the right time to start something new.
Now let’s see the first fabulous dress I’ve found on the Dresslink store
Gorgeous, ah?
I just can’t wait to try it on and of corse to make a special mani.
Stay tuned, lovelies….
It’s coming.
Just imagine what an awesome variaty of nail art designs this gorgeous dress is calling for - black&white, classy rich red or some neon? We'll see what my  sick mind will create....
That's the begining. Fingers crossed.
All yours,
Red Frog

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