четвъртък, 4 юни 2015 г.

Draft Series: Waves !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's Draft Series time today. 
I've thought there were no more draft posts from my rounded shape period but guess what - still have a few around. Maybe sometimes around the end of the summer my Draft Series will get to the end of the road. 
This mani is one of my failures. The so called 'waves' look like everything else but not waves. The so called sharks .... well, you'll say; 'Where are the sharks?' and you'll have the right to say so. The sharks are miles away from how they should look like. But no matter all the mani brings enough of the summer freshness I need so much lately. But enough self-criticism. Let photos do the rest.
Used - 
Gabrini Multivitamin 307
Perfect blue creme nail polish
acrylic paints, fine brush
All yours,
Red Dreaming-for-the-sea Frog

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