събота, 13 юни 2015 г.

Goth it, Dahlia with Zoya Pixie Dust !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
Today was such a lazyyyy and relaxing day for your Red Frog. The little princess is on a vacation with her dad and I thought why not to take a full day off? Just to lay in bed with my coffee mug on the table and my Kindle beside me. After all moms need a little time to recharge....
So at the end of this 'Keep calm and do nothing' day it will be nice to chat a bit with you.
Few months ago I've finally had the chance to add two of my lemmings to my collection - Zoya Tomoko and Dahlia. I've show you Tomoko at the first day of this year and now it's finally time for Dahlia to have her own moment.
Used - 
Zoya Pixie dust Dahlia
Orly Goth
A-England Excalibur
Born Pretty Store BP-05

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