четвъртък, 16 юли 2015 г.

Draft Series: Blackened Blue !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's been a while since the last #DraftSeries post but seems like there are still a couple of them waiting to be published. I'll miss theses posts when they end. 
Today I'm showing you a mani I've made back in August 2014 - wow! it's been almost an year since then. Roses and thorns. Black and blue. Sand finish and acrylics. Subtle shimmer and subtle duochrome. Nails long. Shaped bad. I like it. Even now, a year later I still do. It's not one of my best creations but it's all me. Away from perfection. Edgy. With own dark moments.
It's me.
Used - 
China glaze Bump in the Night
Golden rose Chameleon 40
W7 127 Midnight express
Manhattan and Playboy Super Nails Aqua Sky
All yours,
Red Frog with a hint of blue

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