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#OMD3 - Day One - Teal nails !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….

It’s finally here! Oh Mon Dieu Nail Challenge 3 finally has started today! Happy 1st of July, lovelies!

For those of you who don’t have a clue what the heck I’m talking about please feel welcome to take a look how the lovely  Jacqui aka Craftynail has explained it –

The OMD is a 31 day international nail art challenge with prizes.  For each of the 31 designs that you complete you earn a chance to win a prize in the end. You don’t have to participate every day in July, but the more days you enter the better your chance of winning a prize. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate either (instagram, facebook and other social media accounts qualify). The best part about the OMD? In August we’ll pick 5 random winners from different areas of the world who will win epic nail mail prizes! Don’t worry, our winners are picked at random. We don’t judge your nails.  Stay tuned for more info!   In mid-June we’ll post pics of the prizes and prompts.  All 31 prompts will be new and fresh for 2015- no repeats.  It’s going to be so fun!
I’ll be honest with you, my lovelies – I won’t be able to enter all the 31 prompts but I promise to do my best. Now let's how my Teals came out.
 I'm really really happy with this mani. I've used some of my favorite techniques and polishes and finally the inspiration came back. I was pretty sure there will be no easy escape from the black hole I was in but/me like that kind of 'buts'/ ..... but here we go - a nice looking mixed and matched mani for the first day of Oh Mon Dieu Challange. 
If you, my lovelies, want to take part of the fun just add your mani to the reference page here.
Used - 
Essence Color&go Glisten up
Essence Color&go 38 choose me
Nails Inc. Pricess Palace
Manhattan Collection Summer Tunes
acrylic paint, fine brush
All yours,
Oh Mon Red Inspired Frog

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